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Mindful Veterans Connection Website: Crisis Information for Veterans

Mindful Veterans Connection Website Crisis Information for US Military Veterans


If you are a US Veteran and you just opened this page because you are in a crisis now, know that you are not alone! We urge you to get help and reach out now by clicking HERE.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, or are a registered member, we want to explain here how our site handles these things:

In our various boards and discussions we vets are free to exchange and share all manner of things within our acceptable behavior(that is, mindful, compassionate and caring) guidelines. We can and do talk about very serious and complicated challenges and how we use mindfulness in dealing with them. We want everyone who uses this site to know that we welcome free and open discussion of many things on this site. We are happy to listen and converse with each other about what troubles us, but we all must recognize when it's time to use professional help. So, if you ever approach your breaking point, where it doesn't seem like it's worth trying any more, we implore you to reach out in some way, even if it's a phone call, text or web chat to the .

So, if you are in any sort of behavioral or mental health crisis please consider your options:

1. We strongly recommend that you visit the Veterans Crisis Line website BEFORE you go into crisis to review your options. This is an excellent site and as it's specifically for Vets, they understand us and are well equipped to help us out -- no matter what's going on. Some of our Delaware MIndful Veterans group have shared that they have used this site, both in live confidential web-chat, and by telephone and give it high marks for helping them. So, please check it now, or, if you're at the end of your rope, don't let go -- call 1-800-273-8255 and push number 1.

2. You can also reach the Veterans Crisis Line by the following:

Telephone (24/7/365):
, push "1".

Text: 838255

They also have support for hard-of-hearing and deaf veterans. See the site.

3. And of course, you can always call 911 in an emergency, but we encourage Vets to consider using the veterans crisis line service.